Why Conceal ?

Conceal shimmers the line of distinction seprating a naive user and a pro.

Drag and Drop it and it's all set to go..
The main window of Conceal maintains two panels for Encryption and Decryption, respectively.
You can drag and drop the appropriate file on one of the panel in order to initiate the corresponding process.
File can also be added by Double-clicking on the panels.
Conceal would analyze the file type and upon acceptance it prompts you to choose your destination path- where the encrypted file will be saved and to enter your password to encrypt the file.
Here you'll be given some additional options like- wether, after encryption, you want to keep your original file or not.
Then you have a set of options under Options Button, where you can select the particular encryption algorithm you wish to use, depending on personal or organizational needs. If none selected Conceal uses default algorithm to encrypt.
Click Save and Close label and your file is encrypting.. !!

Encryption options

Conceal provides a set of options to the user while encrypting the file.
You can select the algorithm for encrypting your file as per you personal/organizational needs.
A brief account for each of these algorithms is written to give user a basic idea of the differences in using these specific algorithms. It's indicated in terms of overall data security and time of execution of the algorithm.
This will assist you in making a correct choice.
When you haven't selected any of the options, then Conceal chooses a default algorithm for Encryption, which is the Data Encryption Standard(DES).

Fast Encrypt


 Amongst the four indicated options for encryption, Conceal also offers it's custom algorithm for encryption, called the "Fast Encrypt".
This will be useful if "High speed" is preffered above "High security".
From security perspective, Fast Encrypt works well in case of all binary files except those which notepad compatible.
Another distinctive aspect of Fast Encrypt is that it will take a constant amount of time while encrypting files ranging from a few KB's to as large as in GB's.
So you need not worry if you remembered at last instant that some of your larger files on the system aren't safe.. Fast Encrypt will assist you there.

Fast Encrypt is designed to directly encrypt your source file, unlike other encryption options.

Save your passwords !

Tired of remembering your passwords all the time ?

Then save them ! Conceal offers the option to save your passwords right before you begin encrypting..

You are the one who will decide, where they should be saved. Wether on your hard disk drive or your external storage media for backing up.

Just point the location and your password file gets saved there.

At the time of decryption, just point to this file and your password gets entered automatically.


Worried wether your saved passwords can be tampered ?

Conceal by default encrypts your password file before saving, so it's just "your eyes only" for it !!

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